Schedule for Worship Preparations

Communion and Bagels & Donuts

Please volunteer.

Month or Week Communion Preparation Bagels, Donuts, Coffee
January, 2019 Pat & Jay Sharon Pam & Janet M. Sharon
February, 2019 Janet S. Paul & Cheryl
March, 2019 Pam Dale


Please volunteer to provide flowers (or other worship center).

Date Sunday Flowers or Worship Center Occasion
July 23, 2017   Janet Sette in memory of her father, who died on this date many years ago
Aug. 13, 2017   Mary Mallory  
August 20, 2017   Dale Harris in memory of Bob Blair
Sept. 17, 2017   Kristen Presser in memory of Michael Presser
Sept. 24, 2017   Janet Sette  
Nov. 5, 2017 All Saints Paul & Cheryl in memory of loved ones
Nov. 26, 2017 Christ the King Dale Harris celebrating wedding anniversary
Jan. 21, 2018   Ricky Pfeifer honoring Joyce & Karl Doup
Feb. 4, 2018 Epiphany 5 Ricky Pfeifer in memory of her mother for her 100th birthday
April 1, 2018 Easter Live Easter flowers provided by group effort, thanks to Barbara Ann & Fred Floyd, Cheryl Gunter & Paul Rabe, Dale Harris, Tracy Koontz, Sharon Margolis, Janet Moore, Ricky Pfeifer, Michael Phillips, Janet Sette, and Pat & Jay Treat  
April 8, 2018 Easter 2 Pat Treat  
May 13, 2018 Mother’s Day Paul & Cheryl celebrating wedding anniversary
May 20, 2018 Pentecost Ricky Pfeifer in honor of her mother, who died on this date in 1990.
June 3, 2018   Pat Treat  
June 17, 2018 Father's Day Ricky Pfeifer in honor of all who nurture and protect us
July 1   the Fogel family in memory of Marty Fogel
July 15   Sharon Margolis and Ricky Pfeifer Ricky's flowers in honor of Laura's delivery of twins; Sharon's hydrangeas
Sept 16   Kristen Presser in memory of Michael Presser
Sept 30   Ricky Pfeifer in honor of Dylan Pfeifer, her newest grandchild
Oct 14   Marion Johnson in memory of Jay and Dorsey Johnson
Nov 4 All Saints Paul & Cheryl in honor of the saints of the Church
Nov 11   Ricky in memory of Karl Pfeiffer