Serving This Month

Serving in November 2022

Here are the people currently scheduled to serve in worship this month.

Elders Serving at the Lord’s Table

Date Event Bread Cup
November 6, 2022   Tracy Ricky
November 13, 2022   Kristen Jesús
November 20, 2022 guest preacher: Nancy Holt
Elder 1: Tracy; Elder 2: Jesús; Elder 3: Kristen
Ricky Jay
November 27, 2022 Advent 1 Kristin Tracy

Deacons Serving at the Lord’s Table

  • Jeff Johnston
  • Mary Mallory
  • Substitute: Tim Haslett

Volunteers for Sunday Preparations

Date Communion Preparation Breakfast Goodies
Nov 6, 2022* Dale Jesús
Nov 13, 2022 Dale  
Nov 20, 2022 Dale Janet Moore
Nov 27, 2022 Dale  


Date Sunday Flowers or Worship Center Occasion
any Sunday   Volunteers are welcome.  

For Other Months