Officers, Coordinators, and Committees, 2022–2023

Chair: Tracy Koontz (2023)
Vice-Chair: Dale Harris (2023)
Secretary: Jay C. Treat (2023)
Treasurer: Ron Myers (2023)
Financial Secretary: Joy Tolar (2024)


Ricky Pfeifer (chair) Jesús García Tracy Koontz
Jay C. Treat Jayson Treat Kristen Presser
(2023) (2024) (2025)


Tim Haslett Kristen Presser John Tolar
(2023) (2024) (2025)


Dale Harris Pam Stratton (coordinator) Tim Haslett
Janet Sette* Julie Koontz Jeff Johnston
Pat Treat* Will Johnston Mary Mallory
(2023) (2024) (2025)

*Janet Sette is completing the unfinished term of Jayson Treat. Pat Treat is completing the unfinished term of Kristen Presser.
Deacons choose their co-coordinators.

Pastoral Relations Committee

Richard Spada,   Janet Sette,   Pat Treat
(2023) (2024) (2025)

Coordinators for 2022–2023

Coordinators will be asked to serve by the chair. Check back later for updated information.

Communications Jay C. Treat
Education Pam Stratton
Evangelism Janet Sette
Membership TBD
Property Jay Treat
Social Concerns & World Outreach Dale Harris
Stewardship & Finance TBD
Worship Pat and Jay Treat

Nominating Committee (2021–2022)

  • Jeff Johnston
  • Tracy Koontz
  • Janet Sette

Nominating Committee (2022–2023)

  • Dale Harris
  • Ricky Pfeifer
  • Kristen Presser

Terms of Office

The Nominating Committee lasts until a new committee is elected in October.

Otherwise, term of office ends on June 30 of the year shown.


current as of February 13, 2022