Schedule for Elders at the Table

Date Event Bread Cup
Jan. 6 Epiphany* Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
Jan. 13 1st Sunday after Epiphany Cheryl Gunter Sharon Margolis Pat Treat
Jan. 20 2nd Sunday after Epiphany Emily Treat Pat Treat Jayson Treat
Jan. 27 3rd Sunday after Epiphany Cheryl Gunter Jayson Treat Sharon Margolis
Feb. 3 4th Sunday after Epiphany* Pat Treat Mike Phillips Emily Treat
Feb. 10 5th Sunday after Epiphany Pat Treat Jayson Treat Emily Treat Mike Phillips
Feb. 17 6th Sunday after Epiphany Cheryl Gunter Pat Treat
Feb. 24 7th Sunday after Epiphany Mike Phillips Sharon Margolis Emily Treat
Mar. 3 Last Sunday after Epiphany* Pat Treat Jayson Treat
Mar. 10 Lent 1 Emily Treat Mike Phillips
Mar. 17 Lent 2 (Mike invitation) Jayson Treat Cheryl Gunter
Mar. 24 Lent 3 (Cheryl invitation) Pat Treat Mike Phillips Emily Treat Sharon Margolis
Mar. 31 Lent 4 (Pat invitation) Emily Treat Sharon Margolis Cheryl Gunter Jayson Treat
Apr. 7 Lent 5 Song Service* (Jayson invitation) Cheryl Gunter Emily Treat
Apr. 14 Palm Sunday (Emily invitation) Mike Phillips Pat Treat
Apr. 21 Easter Jayson Treat Mike Phillips Sharon Margolis
Apr. 28 2nd Sunday of Easter Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter
May. 5 3rd Sunday of Easter* Pat Treat Mike Phillips
May. 12 Mother's Day, 4th Sunday of Easter Emily Treat Sharon Margolis
May. 19 5th Sunday of Easter Jayson Treat Pat Treat
May. 26 6th Sunday of Easter Mike Phillips Emily Treat
Jun. 2 7th Sunday of Easter* Cheryl Gunter Jayson Treat
Jun. 9 Pentecost Sharon Margolis Mike Phillips
Jun. 16 Father's Day, 1st Sunday after Pentecost Pat Treat Cheryl Gunter
Jun. 23 Trinity Sunday Jayson Treat Emily Treat
Jun. 30   Pat Treat Sharon Margolis
Jul. 7 * Cheryl Gunter Mike Phillips
Jul. 14   Emily Treat Pat Treat
Jul. 21   Sharon Margolis Cheryl Gunter
Jul. 28   Mike Phillips Jayson Treat
Aug. 4 * Pat Treat Emily Treat
Aug. 11   Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
Aug. 18   Cheryl Gunter Pat Treat
Aug. 25   Sharon Margolis Emily Treat
Sep. 1 Labor Day* Pat Treat Jayson Treat
Sep. 8   Emily Treat Mike Phillips
Sep. 15   Jayson Treat Cheryl Gunter
Sep. 22   Mike Phillips Sharon Margolis
Sep. 29   Sharon Margolis Jayson Treat
Oct. 6 * Cheryl Gunter Emily Treat
Oct. 13   Mike Phillips Pat Treat
Oct. 20   Jayson Treat Sharon Margolis
Oct. 27   Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter
Nov. 3 All Saints Day* Pat Treat Mike Phillips
Nov. 10   Emily Treat Sharon Margolis
Nov. 17   Jayson Treat Pat Treat
Nov. 24 Christ The King Mike Phillips Emily Treat
Dec. 1 1st Sunday of Advent (Hope)* Cheryl Gunter Jayson Treat
Dec. 8 2nd Sunday of Advent (Peace) Sharon Margolis Mike Phillips
Dec. 15 3rd Sunday of Advent (Joy) Pat Treat Cheryl Gunter
Dec. 22 4th Sunday of Advent (Love) Jayson Treat Emily Treat
Dec. 29 1st Sunday after Christmas Pat Treat Sharon Margolis

*Scheduled as contemporary worship

If you make a change, please let Jay Treat know so that he can change this online list.

The elder serving the cup also welcomes new members.