Tools of Hope, June 2018

Submitted by Jay C. Treat on Mon, 06/11/2018 - 6:50 pm
Be a partner in the heavy lifting

The project of our Christian Women's Fellowship for Father's Day and June was Tools of Hope.

Church World Service provides tools, seeds, and wells in hard-hit communities around the world.

When Hurricane Matthew blew through northwest Haiti, many homes were badly damaged, making them unsafe shelters for families. But congregations like ours are a stabilizing force. By giving to Church World Service (CWS), congregations helped many families in the region rebuild. CWS engineers and local partners provided the expertise and building materials needed for sturdier homes with stronger foundations. CWS helped rebuild more than 275 houses in Haiti that were damaged or destroyed by the 2010 Haiti earthquake or Hurricane Matthew.

We've been a partner in the heavy lifting. Our Christian Women's Fellowship has participated for more than 30 years in Tools for Hope, collecting donations for the CWS Tools program. Donations, given in increments of five dollars, may be made "in honor of" or "in memorial to" a special man or men in the donor's life, such as one's father or a special teacher.

This Year's Honor Roll

Tools Given in Honor of Tools Given in Memory of
Jeff (Father) Dorsey (Husband)
Jack (Father-in-law) Jay (Son)
Jack (Father-in-law) Harry (Father)
John (Husband) Dorsey O. (Father-in-Law)
John Michael (Son) Billy (Father)
Christopher (Son) Billy (Father)
Mike (Brother) Dorsey (Father)
Mike (Brother) Jay (Brother)
Mitchell (Nephew) Dorsey O. (Grandfather)
Mitchell (Nephew) Harry (Grandfather)
Chuck (Friend) John J. (Father)
Chuck (Friend) Mike (Father-in-Law)
Jeff (Husband) Charles (Father)
Dick (Brother) Charles (Father)
Karl (Husband) John (Grandfather)
Karl (Husband) John (Grandfather)
Jay Curry (Husband) Bill (Father)
Jay Emery (Son) Glenn & Clyn (Grandfathers)
Mark (Son) Jay Emery (Father-in-Law)
Greg (Son) Nash Hugh (Father)
Mike (Son-in-law) Dorsey (Brother in Christ)
Brian (Son-in-law) Karl (Husband)
Frank (Father) John (Father)
George (Father) Angelo (Grandfather)
George (Father) Joseph (Grandfather)
Stephen & John (Sons) Ben (Father)
  Ben (Father)
  Wardi (Father)
  Wardi (Father)
  Francis Clement (Father-in-Law)
  Francis Clement (Father-in-Law)

What difference can a tool make?