Craft Fair Facilities

We began our craft fairs on the third Saturday in October of 2004, had two in 2005 (one in the Spring and another in the Autumn), and it has remained the third Saturday in October since then.

Karl welcoming people to the Craft Fair

You can't tell from the photos below from 2018, but 18 outside crafters are spread across the front lawn and into the side lawn as well. 

street view of 18 crafters outside, mostly under tents

view from drivewayview from driveway


street view with signs

Main room during a calmer time, in 2013.

main room

This is the first room visitors come to:

fellowship roomfellowship room

Below:  The central hallway, after passing the doorway to the front room and the doorway for the main room on the right (pictures shown above) and the doorway to the kitchen and the doorway to the handicap restroom on the left.  Continuing down the hallway, on the left side is the door to the room with the baked goods and church crafts. At the end of this hallway are the doors for the men's and women's restrooms and the side door to the Massey House and additional parking. 


Please also check out the Baked Goods room and the Kitchen (for lunch items). 

Some of our Colonial friends from the Massey house come over to have our fabulous Corn Chowder Soup and to shop. 

man and woman in colonial clothes