T. S. Rue Designs

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This photo shows three cloth bags, sewn into open-top bags with attached yarn ribbons.

A mannequin wearing a circular scarf that is about 24 inches long.  It has been tie-died, and looks very professional.  It is easy to see this used with a dress-suit or pants-suit.

Fabric gift bags, hand-dyed scarves and tee-shirts.  It is easy to picture in one's mind this hand-dyed scarf being worn with a pant-suit or dress-suit, giving one's top an eye-catching cowl-neck sweater appearance. And for those who find necklaces uncomfortable or leaving a green line on them, this is a very comfortable and stylish option. The cloth gift-bags can be used again and again, being environmentally helpful because of not needing to cut down trees for gift-wrap.

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