Resources Recycled

Crafter Image
Shown is the outside display, under a canopy covering, for Resources Recycled.  There are body soapsand bath soaks, vases with florals, pegs on a board,heart pins, etc.

Shown is a single glass vase with stones inside, holding silk flowers.Cindi and Emma will be bringing a wide variety of items.  There will be both new items and re-purposed items.  There will be jewelry, soy candles, Christmas crafts, lamps, and soap, etc. 

Shown is a vertical rod, with a spin-wheel wind-catcher.   This is a "candle shop" display on a vertical shelving cabinet. There are many jars with colorful waxes shown.   A desktop in front of a home window shows many wrapped soaps and bath salves.

On a sideboard are three conifers with xmas decorations that are about 14 inches tall, Also shown is another that is about 7 inches tall. They are artificial Christmas trees in miniature.  Behind and above on a shelf are seven little 6-7 inch high coniferous trees, each with tiny decorations and flanked by 4 inch candles.

Same as the previous photo, but two of the larger trees are lit.

Bookshelf with jars of 'Bath Soaks' and 'Sugar Scrubs'.

A tablecloth on tabletop has a display of 30 plus heart-shaped pins with tiny decorations, plus some silk flowers surrounded by white lace pins.

A loveseat is being used to display eleven ziplock packages of cloth items, with three of the cloth items displayed outside their bag.

The right arm of the same loveseat is showing several cloth books for babies. One has six pages, and is about 4 in by 4 in, and stacked about 4 inches high.

Wall displays:  six litttle wreaths using artificial coniferous branches and red ribbons and balls. Also flat wall or door hangings, like a snowman in front of a cartoo housefront, a star, a stocking...etc.

Participant Name(s)
Cindi Holland and Emma Ross
Years of Participation