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Joyfully Inspired Greetings

Joyfully Inspired Greeting Cards of Encouragement are Christian greeting cards aimed at ministering to the very heart of the recipient.  They are handcrafted cards that feature original art work.  Many contain encouraging messages in the form of poetry, many also contain scripture.

Crystal has been showing with us for several years.

Photo from our 2016 Craft Fair

Crystal with her display of greeting cards and bookmarks

Photos from our 2013 Craft Fair

Crystal with her table display  table display of bookmarks and greeting cards

Photos from our 2012 Craft Fair

Crystal and table display  business card


an original bookmark

Where there is no vision, God's people perish. But a woman of vision, yes, she will cherish the things that God speaks and imparts. The very meditations of her heart.
She nurtures them, births them, bring them to life. She puts her best foot forward, using God's insight.
With God's insight, and his wisdom alone, she recognizes that God sits on the throne. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. For with his power, she's a victor, she wins.
Written by Crystal Chilar

bookmark with "Portrait of a Mother" 

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Crystal Chilar Floyd
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