Designs by Ilene and Stephanie

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Designs by Ilene and Stephanie

Jewelry by Ilene Grossman and Stephanie Shrader.  They make jewelry using agate, pearls, and pewter beads and swarovski crystals.

These nine necklaces are by Stephanie Shrader

white and black necklace  yellow gold and black necklace  yellow bead necklace  green jade necklace  pink and purple ball bead necklace  pink and red ball bead necklace enclosed ball necklace  gold and glass bead necklace with 2 strands  red and blue ball necklace

This crystal necklace and the next 4 photos of bead necklaces are by Ilene Grossman.

crystal necklace

2 necklaces, one black, one white  2 white necklaces

  3 necklaces: black, peach, and giraffe  2 tan necklaces

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Ilene Grossman and Stephanie Shrader
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