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Shelly says she sells "Fabric topped kitchen towels, microwave baked-potato bags, hot pads, recycle-bag holders, microwave pain packs, wine rings, wine coasters and wine charms, bookmarks, tissue pack covers & tissue box covers, arm-chair 'ref' flags, golf towels, dog scarves, dog pull-toys and stuffed bones, cat-nip toys, cedar sachets, friendship bags, candle gifts, baby rattles, pacifier holders, burp cloths, Boo Boo Bunny, Toothies, tabbies, little girls' earrings, glycerin soap, trick or treat bags, package gifts, children's hooded towels, swaddle blankets, baby washcloths, and seasonal pins."  The microwave bags for baked potatoes are very popular among our church members.

indoor table display 2015 display

Photos from our 2016 Craft Fair

outdoor table

Shelly at her table

towels, trick-or-treat bags

Photo from our earlier Craft Fairs

Shelly with crafts in 2014 trick or treat bags, and more decorated kitchen towels

tent display in 2012


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Shelly Matalavage
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