Bill Patterson Photography

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Bill's photo of a castle on a hill over a river

Bill Patterson will be bringing us many fabulous photos that he has taken while traveling to many places in the world including our own USA.  There will be landscape photos of water, like oceans, beaches, lakes, rivers, canals, waterfalls and fountains. There will be quaint little towns and famous cities, cathedrals, castles, and statuary. Besides majestic mountains, there will be scenes of this incredible Earth's natural features like erosion created monuments in the South West USA. There are also beautiful flowers and fascinating animals. Here are a few (too many as it was hard to narrow it down) but you can see a lot more if you go to his web site which is listed below.

Examples of Bill's Photography

antique car

British castle

castle on an island     flower garden


mitten monument

  bryce canyon-thors hammer

concrete spiral staircase          spiral staircase looking downeiffel tower

gondola in Venice

British castle

Castle in B

london bridge in black and white

caribbean beach with palm tree

gray camelian on gray branchJapanese garden
tall tower on river


rocky shore in USA


low cascading waterfall


lighthouse with diagonal b&w stripes


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Bill Patterson
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