Aunt Lulu’s Attic

Crafter Image
Shown is a rack of hanging clothes.  In the foreground are three hanging pot-holders, and bags.

Pamela will be bringing handmade aprons, totebags, table runners, potholders, and much more. She has "Mommy and Me" matching aprons, tea pot design aprons, flowers and ruffles aprons, purse-bags... and bags.

A lot of pot-holders are shown.
bags  An index card tells the story of the crafter's great aunt Lulu who was married in 1998 and made pot-holders like these. In the depression, the 1930s, she made them out of feed-sack-cloth.    A woman (possibly the crafter) holds up a skirt on a hanger.

Pink apron.   Aprons A mother with two daughters are modeling matching aprons.

Cute black apron with pattern   Orange apron.

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Pamela Kennedy
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