2017-2018 Schedule for CWF Meetings

Date Hostess Worship Program Program Leader Project Project Leader
Sept 12 Janet S   No program NA Craft Fair planning Dale H
Oct 11 Barbara Ann Dale H Dale H NA Craft Fair planning Dale H
Nov 15 Becky J &
Marion J
[mtg canceled] No program NA Christmas Stockings Marion J
Dec 13 Becky J & Marion J Dale H No program NA Goody bags Marion J
Jan 10 Sharon M Sharon M Janet S Janet S Women of Transformation Janet S
Feb 7 Janet M   No program NA Heart Pillows, Cleveland Christian Home Dale H
Mar 7 Dale H Marion J No program NA Heart Pillows Dale H
Apr 11 Cheryl G
(evening in her home)
Dale H Bible/Just Women Dale H Life Center Health Sharon M
May 9 Janet S Janet M JM Janet M CWS—Blanket the World Marion J
Jun 13 Pat T & Emily T   Bible games Dale & Janet M CWS—Tools for Hope Marion J
Sept 11 Janet M Janet M Bratislava Cheryl Craft Fair prep Dale H