Sandy's Handiwork

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colorful hand-painted light-catchers and sun-catchers

Hand-painted light-catchers and sun-catchers.  There are also painted clear-glass tea-light holders and ornaments.A tall glass bottle has been decorated ornately and beautifully.   A tall narrow vase with unusual shaping has been beautifully decorated as if stained glass.   Two same size and shape glass vases have been decorated to look like a coordinated but not matching pair of stained glass vases.   A diamond-shaped flat-glass Christmas ornament made to look possibly stained glass.   A glass vase with a round ball shape below and fluted tall above is mostly blue but with red and amber in a cut-glass stained-glass look. Fairy lights have been placed inside so it shines from within.

A tea-light holder has been decorated with greenery such as poinsettias and mistletoe.


A tealight holder has been decorated to look like stained glass. It is a colorful joker, as if from a playing card or kid's book.




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Sandy Thapsem
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