Blanket the World

Submitted by Jay C. Treat on Tue, 05/07/2019 - 6:45 pm
This Mother's Day, blanket the world with love!

The CWF service project for May is Blankets for the World. Everyone is invited to contribute $5.00 in honor or memory of a mother or other special person in our life. The contributions will be sent to Church World Service and will be used in their Blankets program to provide blankets in crisis situations around the world. Donations may be given to Dale Harris. There's a form available at church that you can use to indicate the person you are honoring.

Our Christian Women's Fellowship is actively involved with the Church World Service Blanket Program. For many years, our church has been helping to provide blankets to families here in the United States and around the world.

What difference can a blanket make? A blanket can provide warmth to a victim of a flood or fire or serve as bedding to a guest in a homeless shelter or be a gift of welcome to a newly arrived refugee or migrant worker. And last year blankets made a difference in the lives of families living in Colorado's rugged and rural San Luis Valley.

In a remote area of the San Juan Mountains called “the flats,” many homes don’t have running water or electricity. During the winter, when temperatures drop to life-threatening lows, many of these families heat their homes using only firewood. Often their firewood runs out before the winter ends.

That’s where our help comes in. Because of our support of the CWS Blankets Program, Church World Service provides blankets to many organizations and nonprofits, including La Puente, a mission that provides services to the families living in “the flats.”

At the beginning of last winter, Robert Lockwood, one of the case managers for the Rural Outreach Initiative, delivered the blankets to these families. The warm, wool CWS Blankets were a welcomed gift. Robert, the caseworker who delivered the blankets said, “...we are grateful for the support of Church World Service as we could not do what we do without your continued generosity and belief in our mission. Thank you...”

Today our church has an opportunity to provide hope to many families. Our church is taking a special offering to help provide blankets and other emergency items to families all around the world.

For only 10 dollars, you can give a blanket that can provide warmth and shelter, comfort and privacy, and healing and hope wherever God’s people may need care. We have so much to share, so please give generously. Thank you.