Sympathy: Debra McKenzie

Submitted byJay C. Treat onFri, 03/11/2016 - 10:25 pm

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Debra McKenzie (Mixon). Debra died yesterday (March 10, 2016) of a sudden brain bleed. She was alone at home when it happened. She left a message for her sister, then was able to call 911 before she drifted into unconsciousness. Megan was at school when all this occurred. Debra died about 5 hours later, surrounded by her family. She never regained consciousness.

A memorial service has been scheduled in our church and in her church in Oregon at 5:00 pm this Saturday.

At this time, Debra's sister, Charla DeHate, suggests we mail notes and cards to her address (2450 SE Blue Skies Lane, Prineville, OR  97754). Notes and cards for Megan, for her grandmother, Anne Welch, or for her uncle, Ernie McKenzie, may be sent to Charla's address as well. We'll share additional information as it becomes available.

Debra was a former member of our congregation. She served as an elder and played violin in Chalice Sounds.

Please keep Debra's entire family — and most especially Megan! — in your thoughts and prayers.