Crafts By Marsha

Crafter Image
A table-top covered with items made of wood, like a 1 foot high miniaturized wooden picket gate, wooden candle holders, wooden stars, old decorated wooden ladders.

Marsha will be bringing delightful items made of wood or fabric she has made into florals and seasonal decorations.

A vertical shelving unit holds many different items, most made of wood. There's also a wicker basket with a sewn-in lining, with various items in it for a gift basket. Candle holders, electric lights whose bulbs look like flames, etc., in Colonial artistry. 7 inch by 9 inch chalk boards for magnetic message boards, decorated with ribbons.   Another stand of Colonial style decorations, using primarily wood.  A stand-alone display with wreaths and silk florals, with other Colonial-style decorations, and wicker items.   On a wooden rack are numerous wooden signs, like "The dogs are fine, beware the kids".   This is the full view of the cropped picture on the main page.  Shows decorated ladders besides the several other Colonial decorations.


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Marsha Hummel
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