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Crafters and the Names of their participants The first column lists the name of each crafter in alphabetical order. The second column provides the names of any participants (if known).
3D-Designs Donna Diakite
4 Indoors N Outdoors Laurayne and Ferdinand D'Angelo
831 Creations Amanda and Brian Hammock
Anabelle’s Wish Stephanie Harper
Artfully Upcycled Glass Kathleen M. Barrett
Artwork by ATSA Danielle Herman-Cohen
Aunt Lulu’s Attic Pamela Kennedy
Baked Goods Tables Barbara Ann Floyd, Becky Johnson, and other bakers of the congregation
Beads in the 4th Re-Invention Cathy Pregmon
Bergeron Crochet Judith Bergeron
Beth's Florals Beth Eames
Bibsy's Boutique Beth Ann Stanek
Bill Patterson Photography Bill Patterson
Black Kettle Leather Linda Bradley
Books and Crafts (and dog goodies) Danielle Gillen
Candle Stop Donna Bentley
Carvings by Maxine Maxine Ernest
Cecelia Jewelers Kathryn Delaney
Cheryl’s Crafts Cheryl and Bruce Allen
Chris' Cuts Christopher Conca
Craftastic Susan Carson
Crafts 101 Mary Lynn Burrows
Crafts By Marsha Marsha Hummel
Crafts by Shelly Shelly Matalavage
Creekside Radiance Deborah Terrinoni
Crochet 'n' Create
Deaner's Wreath and Decor (withheld)
Debbie's Dots Debbie Schwenk
Deramics Clay Studio Deanna Haldeman
Designs by Amanda Jayne Emily Ruch (and Mandi Ruch)
Designs by Denise Denise (withheld)
Designs by Ilene and Stephanie Ilene Grossman and Stephanie Shrader
Dinner Plate Dahlia Designs Heather Klein
DiStefano Creative Services Barbara DiStefano
Fabulous Felts Naomi Grondahl
Facepainting & Painted Tatoos Pat Treat
Flo's Aprons Florence Scarafone
Fresh Prints Harris Yampolsky
Gourmet Belgian Chocolates (withheld)
Green Gifts Company Jayne M. Viggiano
Holy Rosary Bracelets Julie R. Burnet
Inspiration Beadworks Kanakadurga Dingari
IV Woodworks Mike Magnotta
Jay Gullo: Live Flute & CDs Jay Gullo
Jewelry by Miss Joanne Joanne Butler
Joan by J. Soap Creations Joan E. Johnson
Johnson's Tall Yarns and Needlecraft Marion and Becky Johnson
Joyfully Inspired Greetings Crystal Chilar Floyd
Julie’s Resin Crafts Julie Koontz
JZ Custom Designs John Zappacosta
Kitchen Window The Rev. Janet Moore manages the kitchen.
Knit Goods by Pam Pam B. (withheld)
Kristy's Kreations Kristy Moore
Lathers with Lavender Leto Nesbitt
LindiLou Creations Laura Jamison
Maddy Tree Books Madelyn Lang
Marlin Crafts Mary Kruse and Linda Morgan
McGee's Crochet and Knits Vivian McGee
McKenna & Padraig Jewelry Erin Wallace and Susan Hutton
Mr. J's Crafts and Designs Joseph R. Cancila
Nancy’s Nirvana Nancy M. Woolard
Ninani Fiber Art Michele Munoz-Miller
Nodaj’s Touch Jacqueline Paige
One White Paw Designs Jordan Wadley
Pics by Claire Claire Rauch
Pink Accents Jewelry Abby Zimmerman Foster
Pitcher Patch Jeanette Evans; Susan Evans
Pop-Up Crafters Jennifer and Debra Meyers
Pottery By Anita Anita Miller
Pottery by Lisa Lisa Behm
Raffles all participating crafters
Resources Recycled Cindi Holland and Emma Ross
Sandy's Handiwork Sandy Thapsem
Scented Soy Candles Robert Lake
Short and Sweet Timeless Pieces Susi Porter
Stella’s Hats Stella Crespo
Stephanie Dawn Rogiani Studio Stephanie Moore
Suncatchers & Crystal Joel Frankfurt
Susie Scissors Susie Hudson
T. S. Rue Designs Withheld
This ‘N’ That Shirley Ziegenfus
Upcycled Metal Crafts Tony Mattioli
Various items by Linda Linda Whalen
Wine Bottle Decorating Fran Hughes
Wire Trees John Hartey
Wood and Metal Crafts Gary Stedeford
Wreaths by Cindy Cindy Archutowski