Jay Gullo: Live Flute & CDs

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Jay Gullo with flute and guitar

Our Craft Fair will have live music from 11:00 to 1:00. Jay Gullo is a local musician who will be playing native flute, guitar, and harmonica. When he is playing guitar, he will also be singing some of his original songs. Jay will have CDs of his music available for purchase during his performance times.

Jay has been playing with Chalice Sounds, our congregation’s praise band, which provides the worship music every third month.  He also plays with Found, the praise band in his own church. Jay and Found perform the music for “Shine the Light”, a Concert For Those In Need, which benefits the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. Last year, it provided 1,252.6 pounds of food donations and raised over $1,230.00 to feed the needy. We are so delighted and blessed to have Jay Gullo adding his great talents to our Chalice Sounds, and to be singing and playing for us at our craft fair. Come and enjoy the music!


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Jay Gullo
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