Inspiration Piloting

Crafter Image
A free-hand colored drawing of a bare-chested man, facing away towards a sunrise or sunset and waterfalls, standing among flames of fire with broken chains hanging from his wrists. He is a light-skinned caucasian with long brown hair.

Free-hand colored drawings, some of heroines and heroes, some of animals.A close-up of a white tiger looking us in the eye. Shows its head and front paw. Looking calm, not ferrocious.

A colored drawing of a mother giraffe head to head with her young giraffe colt.

A warrior woman dressed in full battle armor sits hunched over nwith her sword in front of her. She seems fatigued or sad. Caucasian woman with long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.

A warrior-woman dressed in combat armor, kneels on one knee with her sword. Caucasian with brown hair (but different woman- or, at least, a different hairstyle as this is layered -from the previous picture). This one is dressed in silver armor with a rose pattern.

An archer woman, dressed in armor, with feathers around her back and neck. It is a drawing in a book. The woman is caucasian with brown hair and teal blue eyes.

A fuller view of the title picture: Rising successful from bondage and flames, the hero faces the rising sun.

Same picture as the first, the one of the hero rising successful from bondage and flames to face the rising sun (or possibly setting sun), but showing more of the picture.


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Sue Scott
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