Crafter Image
Six to eight little dresses for small girls are draped on a tabletop.

Donna’s 3D-Designs has been with us before. Welcome back, Donna!

2012 Craft Fair picture

3D-Designs booth from 2012
Her tent in 2012

Current photos of items to expect:

A little dress for a girl about size 3.  White with red mosaic designs in a straight A-line style.   A ladies summer dress in a fitted A-line. photo is purposely off- kilter.   Two little-girls' dresses.  Summer A-line.   An Eagles scarf if draped over a maniken. Turquoise-green on white..   A navy-blue on white Eagles scarf and a matching wallet/purse.     Close-up photo of an Eagles scarf and matching tiny purse saying "FLY EAGLES FLY". White or turquoise on a black background..   A crafter's tent has several little girls dresses hanging from it. The picture is askew for effect.



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Donna Diakite
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