October, 2018

CWF Minutes for October 12, 2018

Wed, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

The 8-10 in attendance were:

Suzanne B, Desiree B, Barbara Ann F, Dale H, Mary M, Rev. Janet M, Janet S, and Pat T. Also attending was Richard Spada.  Ricky P joined us for lunch since she was in the building for a Trustees meeting.

Location:  the Fellowship Hall of Marple Christian Church

Hostesses:  Janet S

Program: Craft Fair preparation

Project:  We labeled and filled Blessing Jars with scriptures in preparation for the craft fair giveaway.

The meeting began with Barbara Ann F reading to us some old expressions from the past (the youth of most of us) that are no longer in use, like “Heavens to Mergatroid!”. She followed with a prayer. 

Pat T read the Minutes for September, and made corrections.

Barbara Ann read the Treasurer’s Report for September.

The balance in the General Fund was $857.43 at the September meeting.  As of October 12, we have $900.43 in the General Fund. Total “on hand” Oct. 10, $2,452.44.  Barbara Ann mentioned that she has not yet sent in the gift of funds we usually send to BMF, and asked if we want to do that. We are seeking more information (a review of what the BMF spends our donations on) and will decide next time.

Pat gave Barbara Ann a receipt for $23.53 for the 100 packages of Kleenex tissues she purchased for our CWF’s donation to the Disciples Women’s Ministries project at the 2018 DWM Retreat. The DWM project was to provide 100 gallon-size ziplock bags of necessity items for refugees and/or homeless.  [The $23.53 was after a “store credit” from the cashier for $5, Pat’s Target card’s credit, and because no sales tax added, being purchased in Delaware.

Craft Fair

We discussed the progress of the 2018 Craft Fair and planning for the craft fair coming up on this October 20st.

Dale gave Pat a folder with old blue table signs for her to print off table signs for our new crafters, and keep them all together with the table signs of our crafters who are returning.  Dale will call Jay G to see if he wants any fliers to hand out.  Dale has enough vouchers for a free lunch item for crafters.

On Friday morning at 8 AM, Tracy, Mike and Jim will be at the church building to move pews. 

Later the same day, Jeff J will help Dale put up the crafters’ table signs, designating their spaces.

5:30 to 7 PM, same day (Friday) Dale will show arriving Indoor crafters to their designated sites and tables so they can begin their set up procedures.

At 7 A.M. Saturday morning Dale will be showing the arriving indoor crafters to their designated tables for set up.

Emily T will handle helping the outside crafters find their designated set-up locations (also beginning at 7 am). Then she will handle everything to do with the Crafters’ Raffle Table.

Mary M will handle the church’s 50/50 raffle outside, as Karl D used to do.

Janet S and Brenda T will help Janet M in the kitchen.  JM expects the food/kitchen to be ready sometime Thursday.

Bake Table will be handled by Becky J and Barb Ann F.

Eileen Gold Yarras will help Saturday, probably as a floater. Linda Gold will help Marion J. Both the Bake Table and Marion will be set up as usual in the first SS room.

Desiree B will be a ‘floater’, going around to the crafters asking if they need someone to watch their table while they use the restroom or get coffee or lunch.

Pat T will be painting faces.

Tim H will be directing traffic in the parking lot, beginning at 7 am, and if he has time, will shuttle a few crafters.

Jay C T will be helping with shuttling crafters from their cars parked behind the Lawrence Park Shopping Center to the church bldg before the fair and back again beginning at 4 pm.

Jay E T will be helping shuttling crafters from the church bldg to their cars beginning at 4 pm.

Jay G will be singing and playing music on the dais in the sanctuary mid-day.

Janet M will make flyers to hand out advertising both the Massey House’s Harvest Day and the MCC Craft Fair. It will include information about the homemade soups. She will find someone to hand these out at the Veteran’s Park (just up Lawrence Road toward Rt. 3) that is hosting a Community Day. [note: Upper Darby is also having a Community Day, and Tyler Arboretum is having their own Autumn day celebration, but we will not hand out information that far away.]


Our hostess was Janet S, who had an Autumn theme.

Project: filling ‘Blessing Jar’ with scriptures

Before the meeting, Pat T Xeroxed 11 copies of 2 pages (of 28 short scripture quotes which she had taped to 2 sheets of paper), and cut them out with the paper cutter in the office.  During the meeting, Richard Spada got a start on filling the jars with scriptures.  After the meeting he joined us for lunch, and then we all worked on finishing filling all the jars we had with a scripture of each.  We covered the bottom of every jar with a personalized ‘label’ stating Marple Christian Church, our Bible School and Worship times, Wednesday Free Breakfast times, and a phone number, so that recipients can remember where they got their jar from.

We agreed that we need not only more scriptures than 28, but also more jars.  Pat T will purchase more jars in Delaware.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be in the evening of November 14, beginning at 6:30 P.M.  Our hostesses will be Becky and Marion Johnson in their home.  Our project will be filling Christmas Stockings.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Treat

[the schedule of meetings chart has been updated, and can be found under “Schedule of Meetings”. It still has many blank spaces]