Serving This Month

Serving in July 2018

Here are the people currently scheduled to serve in worship this month.

Elders Serving at the Lord’s Table

Date Event Bread Cup
July 1 (contemporary) Pat Treat Sharon Margolis
July 8   Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter
July 15   Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
July 22   Sharon Margolis Pat Treat
July 29   Emily Treat Jayson Treat

Deacons Serving at the Lord’s Table

  • Jay Treat
  • Brenda Treat
  • Substitute: John Tolar

Volunteers for Sunday Preparations

Date Communion Preparation Bagel & Donut Pickup
July 1 Dale Harris Paul & Cheryl
July 8 Dale Harris Tim & Emily
July 15 Sharon Margolis  
July 22 Sharon Margolis  
July 29 Dale Harris  


Please volunteer to provide flowers (or other worship center).

Date Sunday Flowers or Worship Center Occasion
July 1   the Fogel family in memory of Marty Fogel
July 8      
July 15   Sharon Margolis and Ricky Pfeifer Ricky's flowers in honor of Laura's delivery of twins; Sharon's hydrangeas
July 22      
July 29      

For Other Months