Serving This Month

Serving in April 2018

Here are the people currently scheduled to serve in worship this month.

Elders Serving at the Lord’s Table

Date Event Bread Cup
April 1 Easter Sunday Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
April 8 Easter 2 Tracy Koontz Emily Treat
April 15 Easter 3 Cheryl Gunter Pat Treat
April 22 Easter 4 Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter
April 29 Easter 5 Mike Phillips Jayson Treat

Deacons Serving at the Lord’s Table

  • John King
  • Mary Mallory
  • Substitute: Sharon Margolis

Volunteers for Sunday Preparations

Date Communion Preparation Bagel & Donut Pickup
April Pam Stratton (Janet Sette on April 29) Pam Stratton (Janet Moore on April 29)
May (volunteer needed) (volunteer needed)


Please volunteer to provide flowers (or other worship center).

Date Sunday Flowers or Worship Center Occasion
April 1 Easter Live Easter flowers provided by group effort, thanks to Barbara Ann & Fred Floyd, Cheryl Gunter & Paul Rabe, Dale Harris, Tracy Koontz, Sharon Margolis, Janet Moore, Ricky Pfeifer, Michael Phillips, Janet Sette, and Pat & Jay Treat  
April 8 Easter 2 Pat Treat  
April 15 Easter 3 blossoms from our magnolia trees  
April 22 Easter 4    
April 29 Easter 5    

For Other Months