Schedule for Elders at the Table

Date Event Bread Cup
Jan. 8, 2018 Epiphany 1* Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
Jan. 14 Epiphany 2 Jayson Treat Tracy Koontz Pat Treat
Jan. 21 Epiphany 3
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Karl Doup Jayson Treat
Jan. 28 Epiphany 4 Jayson Treat Tracy Koontz
Feb. 4 Epiphany 5 * Pat Treat Karl Doup
Feb. 11 Epiphany 6 Mike Phillips Tracy Koontz Cheryl Gunter
Feb. 18 Lent 1 Jayson Treat Pat Treat
Feb. 25 Lent 2 (Pat Treat leads prayer) Tracy Koontz Karl Doup
March 4 Lent 3 * (Jayson Treat leads prayer) Pat Treat Mike Phillips
March 11 Lent 4 (Tracy Koontz leads prayer) Karl Doup Cheryl Gunter
March 18 Lent 5 (Cheryl Gunter leads prayer) Mike Phillips Jayson Treat
March 25 Palm Sunday (Mike Phillips leads prayer) Cheryl Gunter Tracy Koontz
April 1 Easter Sunday * Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
April 8 Easter 2 Tracy Koontz Karl Doup
April 15 Easter 3 Cheryl Gunter Pat Treat
April 22 Easter 4 Mike Phillips Tracy Koontz
April 29 Easter 5 Karl Doup Jayson Treat
May 6 Easter 6 * Pat Treat Cheryl Gunter
May 13 Easter 7 Karl Doup Tracy Koontz
May 20 Pentecost Mike Phillips Pat Treat
May 27 Trinity Sunday Cheryl Gunter Karl Doup
June 3 * Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
June 10   Tracy Koontz Cheryl Gunter
June 17   Pat Treat Jayson Treat
June 24   Mike Phillips Karl Doup
July 1 * Pat Treat Tracy Koontz
July 8   Karl Doup Cheryl Gunter
July 15   Jayson Treat Pat Treat
July 22   Tracy Koontz Mike Phillips
July 29   Cheryl Gunter Jayson Treat
Aug. 5 * Pat Treat Tracy Koontz
Aug. 12   Karl Doup Jayson Treat
Aug. 19   Mike Phillips Pat Treat
Aug. 26   Jayson Treat Karl Doup
Sept. 2 * Cheryl Gunter Mike Phillips
Sept. 9   Pat Treat Tracy Koontz
Sept. 16   Karl Doup Jayson Treat
Sept. 23   Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
Sept. 30   Tracy Koontz Pat Treat
Oct. 7 World Communion * Karl Doup Mike Phillips
Oct. 14   Jayson Treat Tracy Koontz
Oct. 21   Pat Treat Karl Doup
Oct. 28   Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
Nov. 4 All Saints * Jayson Treat Pat Treat
Nov. 11   Tracy Koontz Karl Doup
18-Nov-18   Pat Treat Mike Phillips
Nov. 25 Christ the King Karl Doup Cheryl Gunter
Dec. 2 Advent 1* Mike Phillips Jayson Treat
Dec. 9 Advent 2 Cheryl Gunter Tracy Koontz
Dec. 16 Advent 3 Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
Dec. 23 Advent 4 Cheryl Gunter Karl Doup
Dec. 30 Christmas 1 Pat Treat Jayson Treat

*Scheduled as contemporary worship

If you make a change, please let Jay Treat know so that he can change this online list.

The elder serving the cup also welcomes new members.