Schedule for Elders at the Table

Date Event Bread Cup
July 1 * Pat Treat Sharon Margolis
July 8   Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter
July 15   Jayson Treat Mike Phillips Pat Treat
July 22   Sharon Margolis Pat Treat Mike Phillips
July 29   Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter Mike Phillips Jayson Treat
Aug. 5 * Pat Treat Sharon Margolis
Aug. 12   Emily Treat Jayson Treat
Aug. 19   Mike Phillips Pat Treat
Aug. 26   Jayson Treat Emily Treat
Sept. 2 * Cheryl Gunter Mike Phillips
Sept. 9   Pat Treat Sharon Margolis
Sept. 16   Emily Treat Jayson Treat
Sept. 23   Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
Sept. 30   Sharon Margolis Mike Phillips Pat Treat
Oct. 7 World Communion * Emily Treat Mike Phillips
Oct. 14   Jayson Treat Sharon Margolis
Oct. 21   Pat Treat Emily Treat
Oct. 28   Jayson Treat Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
Nov. 4 All Saints * Mike Phillips Jayson Treat Pat Treat
Nov. 11   Sharon Margolis Emily Treat
18-Nov-18   Pat Treat Mike Phillips
Nov. 25 Christ the King Emily Treat Cheryl Gunter
Dec. 2 Advent 1* Mike Phillips Jayson Treat
Dec. 9 Advent 2 Cheryl Gunter Sharon Margolis
Dec. 16 Advent 3 Jayson Treat Mike Phillips
Dec. 23 Advent 4 Sharon Margolis Cheryl Gunter Emily Treat
Dec. 30 Christmas 1 Pat Treat Jayson Treat

*Scheduled as contemporary worship

If you make a change, please let Jay Treat know so that he can change this online list.

The elder serving the cup also welcomes new members.