Schedule for Deacons at the Table

January 2018
  • Emily Treat
  • Pam Stratton
  • Substitute: Will Johnston
February 2018
  • Janet Sette
  • Emily Treat
  • Substitute: Dale Harris
March 2018
  • Paul Rabe
  • Brenda Treat
  • Substitute: Janet Sette
April 2018
  • John King
  • Mary Mallory
  • Substitute: Sharon Margolis
May 2018
  • Dale Blair
  • Pam Stratton
  • Substitute: John King
June 2018
  • Sharon Margolis
  • Will Johnston

If there is a conflict with your schedule, it is your responsibility to contact someone to trade places.

If you are trading places for a month or even one Sunday, it is very helpful to let your co-chairperson (Pam Stratton) know that you have found a replacement, in order to minimize confusion.

Please note that each month has a designated substitute deacon. The substitute will automatically serve when there is a last minute no-show.