Disciples Women's Ministries (DWM)

Our State, Interregional, and International branches of DWM/CWF

[DWM logo]On the local level we (the women of Marple Christian Church) have retained the name CWF, but on the Regional and broader levels, the name has been changed from Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF) to Disciples Women's Ministries (DWM) to better indicate the purpose of this charitable organization.

For information about and from the Disciples Women's Ministries of Pennsylvania, such as their annual retreat* and Spring Event, or DWM board cabinet, and various projects, please go to this web site: <https://secure5.nm-secure.com/padisciples/content.cfm?id=314>.  Or try simply padisciples.com.

For information about the Interregional DWM, national DWM, and International DWM (IDWM), please go to: <http://www.discipleswomen.org>.


In June every four years [2010, 2014, 2018, 2022...] is the international gathering of Disciples Womens' Ministries for several days together (4 or 5 days) for study and worship. It is an international retreat called the Quadrennial (because it happens every fourth year). Go to <http://www.quadrennial.org> for all the details. 

The next Quadrennial will be in July of 2018.  The previous one was in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 24-28 of 2014.


*The 2014 annual DWM regional retreat, "Bridging the Gap", will be the weekend of September 26-28, at the Hartman Center.  The Hartman Center is a UCC camp, and is located just off 322 in Milroy, PA 17063.  Directions can be obtained from their website:  hartmancenter.com  The registration page and information sheet are shown below, but they are better accessed from the above Disciples Women's Ministries of Pennsylvania website.  The Hartman camp has paved pathways for many places but not where we will be walking (dirt).  Although still somewhat rustic, its facility is better able to handle a group of mature women than our Laurelview camp, and is located centrally in the state.  The main sleeping quarters have 8 bedrooms to accommodate 32 women.  Each bedroom has 4 single beds (mattresses are without bedding--we recommend bringing a soft pad for hard mattresses, besides sheets and a blanket).  Each bedroom has a single bathroom (toilet, sink, and shower--bring a towel for each time you expect to shower as they will not dry out overnight) shared with the next bedroom of 4 single beds (yes, that's 8 women to one bathroom).  There is also one single lavatory in addition, off of the living room/kitchen/dining area. (Speaking of kitchen and dining area, bring your breakfast for Saturday and Sunday.  There is a 4 burner stove but I did not see a microwave.).  For the overflow of more than 32 women, there is another cabin, which is much more rustic, for more adventurous women.  It is one bedroom with 8 bunk beds, sleeping 16 (rather crowded in).  The indoor bathroom has two stalls and two showers. (If you elect this building, you may wish to bring an extra towel for the floor to stand on when barefoot as it didn't look particulary clean).



The 2013 year's retreat was at Laurelview Christian Camp on the weekend of October 18, 19, 20.  Unfortunately for Marple CC, that was the Saturday of our annual Craft Fair.  The Laurelview Christian Camp is the camp for the Disciples of Christ of Pennsylvania.  Because of its rustic nature, it isn't as wheelchair accessible as the Hartman Center.