Kitchen Window by Marple Christian Church

Prices are a blast from the past, and people rave about our soups.  Menu shown below.


Our hard-working kitchen crew above (2013):  (Left to Right) the Rev. Janet Moore, Joyce Doup, and Janet Sette.  These three ladies are also our cooks for our winter months "Soup Saturdays", open to the public with eat-inside (sit-down) or take-home container soups.  We'll be distributing the soup schedule at the craft fair.  During the October to March (winter) months, we will also have a link to a soup order form on the front page of our web site the week before our "Soup Saturday" (usually the second Saturday of the month).  One may order soup on-line, and then pay for it (cash or check) when you come to pick it up.


2012 (left to right): Dale Harris (Craft Fair director) is in the kitchen with Janet Sette, Rev. Janet Moore, and Joyce Doup.

Below left, Joyce Doup; right, customer, Joyce Doup and Janet Sette.

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(left to right) Shown above are Joyce Doup, Will Johnston and Rev. Janet Moore.

More pictures of the kitchen window:

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This lady, dressed in Early American dress, is from the historic Thomas Massey House next door.  Most of their re-enactment volunteers come over for lunch because our soups are so good. 


left, Menu from 2012.  Prices have been omitted because they are 2012 year's prices, but will remain relatively low.  The soup-to-go serving adds 50 cents for the container.  Our family, who are big eaters, find that the "one serving container to go" is just right for two people, just like a regular large can of Campbells Soup.

Desserts are available in the 'Baked Goods' room, as well as some goodies offered by our guest crafters.  For photos, see our 'Baked Goods' link, and crafters' links (i.e., "chocolates"--unfortunately for 2015, our chocolate crafter had a close family wedding to go to this day so wasn't with us last year, but promises to be back this 2016 year).

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Reverend Janet Moore manages the kitchen.