Facepainting and Painted Tattoos

Photos from the 2016 craft fair:


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Ricky Pfeifer boldly painted faces and painted tattoos in 2014 because Pat was very sick with the flu.  Great job, Ricky!  (Pat got her flu shot earlier this season than last year.)

[image] Tim and Ricky

[image] Emily and Ricky

Pat Treat paints faces during the annual craft fair.  Facepainting and painted tattoos are done on a donation basis.  100% goes to the Craft Fair fundraiser.

[image]    [image]

Above left: A visiting guest, Christian, wanted Mario on his cheek, so he got it, 2012.  Madison, above right, wanted a full-face butterfly, 2013.  We aim to please. 

Below left, Rowan, another guest, wanted a blue butterfly. Center, Pat shows off her self-painted dragonfly. And Emily, on the right, sports a kitty/bunny face, 2013.  Her brother, who took the picture, nicknamed her "Emeowly" for the day.

[image]   [image]   [image]

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Above:  Megan and Pat, 2007  

Below:  A few years ago, in 2011, Megan was helping Pat paint faces and arms, and doing an excellent job of it.  She and her mom have moved across the country, so aren't able to join us anymore.

[image]    [image] Nicky 2011

 Below:  Megan, 2011 with butterflies, and a mouth full of lunch.

[image]   [Pat painting Karl's face]

Above right:  Pat prepares Karl for a Halloween party he was attending that evening.  Pat has balloons she painted on her own cheek, and is also wearing a corsage balloon made by our guest balloon man, Steven Wolbach.  2007

[Phillies logo on arm] Phillies fans, Laura, left 2008, and Amy, below 2009.  A black cat is on little Katelyn's cheek.

[image of kids]

below: Calico kitty, Aubrey 2009

[image of face-painting]




 [image] Becca, 2010

[image of kids] 2004

Above left, Emily Rose has a rainbow and a US flag.  Will sports a Philly's eagle and US flag.  Megan has two kinds of flower bunches to match her flowery top.  Picture taken in 2004, at our October Craft Fair. (We also had a Craft Fair in April of 2005, as well as October 2005, as usual).  

Pat plans to be back.

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