Deramics Clay Studio

Deanna Haldeman's pottery and ceramics are fabulous!



[image]  [image]

From the 2013 craft fair:

[image]  (shopper)

[image]   [image]

and from previous years:

[image]    [image]

[image]    [image]

2012 pictures. [Above left's "Berry Bowl" has holes so the fruit can 'breathe'.]

[image]   [image]

Above right:  a close up of one of the cubicles


[image]   [image] 2012

above:  Deanna looking ethereal, left, 2012.  (right: a shopper)

below: 2011


[image] 2011 [image]

[image]  [image]

above: Deanna holding a platter, 2011.

below: Deanna and husband 2010

 [image]   [image]

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