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Formerly Wreaths by Laurayne, the crafts have been expanded to include works by husband Ferdinand as well.  Since her display of wreaths and silk plant creations in our 2012 and 2013 Craft Fairs, Laurayne has expanded her display to include, besides various themes of wreaths, also interesting items such as soda can flowers for your garden, flower cards and wall pictures, Christmas decorations, floral arrangements in vases, and more. We can expect even more innovations next year.

2013 Craft Fair pictures:



[image]   [image]

[image]   [image]       

Above are all from our craft fair in 2013; Below are all from 2012.

Laurayne D'Angelo from 2012; and below left, Ferdinand D'Angelo.

  [image]  [image][image]  [image]

Below: Shown here are two silk floral wreaths and one of shells.  One floral has yellow day lilys and pink Calla Lilys.  Each shown is 18" diameter.

[Pink Calla Lilys and yellow Day Lilys on straw wreath with pink bow]  [image]

[Straw wreath with various shells and corals] Perfect for your house at the shore, or for bringing memories back from the shore!

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Laurayne and Ferdinand D'Angelo